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Lightning Strikes was the Wildwind disguise of Barry.

Physical appearance

Lightning Strikes appeared as a humanoid with blue hair and a white face with a yellow lightning bolt across his forehead, with red rings around his eyes. He has a yellow lightning bolt down his chest and yellow gloves.


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He is an excellent climber, like his comrades, and is very tough. He demonstrates, like every Wildwind member, to be a master of special effects, comedy, makeup and disguise. In just one year, they've managed to perfect their hoax, and alter their looks. The roles played and their costumes testify to great theatrical ability, make-up art, and professional costume designing. Also to be very competent aerial flyers.

He is a gifted drummer and singer, although the skill of a singer is not seen. But he and the other Wildwind members had performed a great song at the Vampire Rock Concert competition last year.


Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire

He and his bandmates faked their disappearance after losing the competition a year ago. They pretended to be vampire versions of themselves and kidnapped the other bands of the competition.