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Making its premier on ABC from September 10, 1977 and continuing until October 28, 1978, Scooby's All Star Laff-a-Lympics, also known as Scooby's All Stars, and Scooby's Laff-a-Lympics, was full of the top stars from Hanna-Barbera. It included three teams, the Scooby Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys, and the Really Rottens. The teams competed in a multi-discipline style sporting competition, in different countries, and the contests were hosted by Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf. The Scooby Doobies team consisted of Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Dum, Shaggy Rogers, Tinker and Speed Buggy, Dynomutt and Blue Falcon, Hong Kong Phooey, Babu, and Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels: Brenda Chance, Dee Dee Skyes, and Taffy Dare.


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List of episodes

Season one

# Image Episode Airdate Premise Results
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The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan September 10, 1977 Three teams of athletes compete in sports events around the world. In this case they ski, skate, and ride toboggans in Switzerland; and sumo wrestle, play tennis, and play baseball in Tokyo, Japan. Scoobys: 105 (gold) Yogis: 80 (silver) Rottens: 65 (bronze)
Acapulco and England September 17, 1977 The contestants do cliff diving, an underwater relay race, and a speedboat race in Acapulco, Mexico; and climb the side of Big Ben, hunt a fox, and play polo in England. Scoobys: 70 (gold) Yogis: 65 (tie for silver) Rottens: 65 (tie for silver)
Florida and China September 24, 1977 The contestants do swamp boat racing, water-skiing, and car racing in the Everglades, Florida; rickshaw racing, ping-pong playing, and gymnastics in Hong Kong, China. Scoobys: 115 (gold) Yogis: 110 (silver) Rottens: 0 (bronze)
The Sahara Desert and Scotland October 1, 1977 The contestants do a dune buggy race and a "fill up the oasis well" contest in the Sahara; and a Loch Ness monster photograph race and a three-legged kilt race in Scotland. Yogis: 70 (gold) Scoobys: 65 (silver) Rottens: 20 (bronze)
France and Australia October 8, 1977 The contestants do a "Tour de France" bicycle race and a "capture the flag at the top of the Eiffel Tower" contest; and a boomerang throw and a kangaroo race in Australia. Scoobys: 120 (gold) Yogis: 75 (silver) Rottens: 35 (bronze)
Athens, Greece and the Ozarks October 15, 1977 The contestants do pole vaulting and discus throwing in Athens; and a rail cart race and a keel-boat race in the Ozarks. Scoobys: 105 (gold) Yogis: 80 (silver) Rottens: 20 (bronze)
Italy and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina October 22, 1977 The contestants do a motor scooter race and a canal boat race in Italy; and hang gliding, skydiving, and a hot air balloon race at Kitty Hawk. Scoobys: 85 (gold) Rottens: 65 (sliver) Yogis: 40 (bronze)
Egypt and Sherwood Forest October 29, 1977 The contestants do a "touch the tip of the pyramid" race and a camel race in Egypt; and an armored foot race and a "princess rescue contest" in Sherwood Forest. Scoobys: 90 (gold) Rottens: 80 (silver) Yogis: 55 (bronze)
Spain and the Himalayas November 5, 1977 The contestants do a bullfight and a Gypsy wagon race in Spain; and a "hang the bell on the Abominable Snowman" contest and a climbing Mount Neverest relay race in the Himalayas. Scoobys: 90 (gold) Yogis: 80 (silver) Rottens: 55 (bronze)
India and Israel November 12, 1977 The contestants do a tiger hunt and an elephant-back race in India; and wind-sail sand-sledding contest and a reed boat race in Israel. Yogis: 100 Rottens: 40 Scoobys: 35
Africa and San Francisco November 19, 1977 The contestants participate in a jungle boat race and a vine-swinging contest in Africa, and then move to San Francisco for a roller-skating race and a fishing contest. Yogis: 80 (gold) Scoobys: 20 (silver) Rottens: 10 (bronze)
The Grand Canyon and Ireland November 26, 1977 The teams do a burro race and a tightrope race at the Grand Canyon, then a "catch the leprechaun" contest and a "hole-in-one" golf tournament in Ireland. Yogis: 135 (gold) Scoobys: 55 (silver) Rottens: 45 (bronze)
Hawaii and Norway December 3, 1977 The teams do surfing and an outrigger race in Hawaii; then a Viking longboat race and a "long jump wearing snowshoes" in Norway. Scoobys: 90 (gold) Yogis: 70 (silver) Rottens: 30 (bronze)
North Pole and Tahiti December 10, 1977 The contestants do a dog sled race and an igloo-building contest at the North Pole; and an "around the reef pontoon paddle-boat race" and a sandcastle-building contest in Tahiti. Scoobys: 120 (gold) Yogis: 75 (silver) Rottens: 55 (bronze)
Arizona and Holland December 17, 1977 The teams do a wild-bronco-riding contest and steer roping in Arizona; then a windmill riding contest and a dyke building contest in Holland. Scoobys: 75 Yogis: 65 Rottens: 60
Quebec and Baghdad December 24, 1977 The teams do lacrosse batting and Canadian tree cutting in Quebec; then flying carpet races and magic rope climbing in Baghdad. Scoobys: 65 (gold)

Yogis: 55 (tie for silver) Rottens: 55 (tie for silver)

Season two

# Image Episode Airdate Premise Results
Russia and the Caribbean September 9, 1978 The contestants ran a moose sled marathon in Siberia and a Hopak dance race in Moscow. After that, they participated in a porpoise race and a hunt for Bluebeard's treasure in the Caribbean. Scoobys: 100 (gold) Yogis: 80 (silver) Rottens: 50 (bronze)
New York and Turkey September 16, 1978 The contestants have a Hansom cab race and a "crown the Statue of Liberty" contest in New York; then a unicycle race and a swimming relay race in Turkey. Rottens: 75 (gold) Scoobys: 70 (sliver) Yogis: 60 (bronze)
South America and Transylvania September 23, 1978 The contestants try to lasso a computer-controlled bull in Argentina and race rubber rafts down the Amazon River in Brazil, then a scavenger hunt for monster-related items and a log-roll race through the Brack Lagoon in Transylvania. Yogis: 90 Scoobys: 80 Rottens: 55
French Riviera and New Zealand September 30, 1978 The contestants do a soapbox derby and a free-flight kite contest on the French Riviera; then an ostrich race and a mud-puddle tug-of-war in New Zealand. Scoobys: 90 (gold) Yogis: 70 (silver) Rottens: 40 (bronze)
New Orleans and Atlantis October 7, 1978 The teams compete in a vintage aircraft contest and a Chinese dragon race in New Orleans, and then travel to Atlantis for a sea horse race and a mermaid rescue. Yogis: 70 Scoobys: 60 Rottens: 60
Morocco and Washington D.C. October 14, 1978 The participants compete in a scooter race in Casablanca, and a chariot race in Morocco's desert, followed by a rally race and an obstacle course in Washington, D.C. Rottens: 75 (gold) Scoobys: 70 (tie for silver) Yogis: 70 (tie for silver)
Canada and Warsaw, Poland October 21, 1978 Insert details here. Yogis: 100 (Gold) Scoobys: 70 (Sliver) Rottens: 45 (Bronze)
Siam and the Moon October 28, 1978 The teams are in Thailand for a sampan race, and a soccer match (with all three teams), and then travel to The Moon to compete in a rocket race and a running race in low gravity. Scoobys: 80 (tie for gold) Yogis: 80 (tie for gold) Rottens: 80 (tie for gold)


  • There was one three way tie for first place and four ties for second place.
  • The overall standings of the three teams over 24 episodes were as follows:
Team First Second Third Points
Scooby Doobies 15 8 1 1925
Yogi Yahooeys 8 13 3 1855
Really Rottens 3 6 15 1135

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