Kerry Kilpatrick is a martial artist from Ireland, with a hard-hitting, fist-smashing style.

Physical appearance

Kerry Kilpatrick is an adult Caucasian male, with orange-red hair, and a mustache. He has a semi-muscular build, with a shamrock tattoo on his left bicep. At the beginning of the tournament, he wears a black and white karate gi with a shamrock logo, and brown wristbands, then later at night, he wears a topless green gi, with black wristbands. He is also barefoot the entire time.


He rely's greatly on his strength and fists to overcome his opponents and speaks with an Irish accent.


Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword

He came to compete in the tournament given by Miss Mirimoto, but he was defeated easily by the Robot ninjas that attacked at the pre-tournament banquet.

He last attended the renovated museum, along with Sapphire Sonja and Mad Dog Hashimoto, to Scooby-Doo honored with a statue outside.



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