Keith Dale is an astrophysicist at E.T.I.S.

Physical appearance

Keith is a Caucasian male with brown hair.

He dons a light blue coat with the E.T.I.S. logo on the shoulders. He wears a white shirt and tie under that. He also wears dark blue pants and black shoes.


Keith is proud of those who participated in the Future Scientist Contest, specifically Velma and Elliot Blinder. When there is a real problem at E.T.I.S., he is concerned about the safety of the scientists and the space crew.


Early life

He changed his name from Keith Razorchuck, a scientist who lost out to Janet Lawrence for a Nobel Prize in artificial intelligence.

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Season one

Article on Keith Dale

Keith introduced Velma Dinkley and Elliot Blender to the staff of E.T.I.S. after they became finalists in a contest. While he was intrigued by both of their projects, he said that the space shuttle only has room for one of them. He announced that Velma was the winner of the contest, with her experiment on how earthworms were affected by zero gravity.

Before the Space Ape appeared, Keith didn't believe Janet when she told him that the alien was roaming the base. After it did he showed great concern for everyone at the base. He said that no one is allowed to leave or enter the area. Even the shuttle that was supposed to launch the next day was cancelled.

When the gang investigated his office, they find Keith's Internet password and his real name, Kieth Razorchuck. Velma logs into his computer to look up one of his articles on artificial intelligence. Janet Lawrence was also working in that field and won the Nobel Prize. The led the gang to suspect that he was the Space Ape in order to get revenge on Janet.

When the Space Ape was unmasked to be Janet herself, Keith questioned her motives. After the gang explained how Janet wasn't finished with her project, he asked about the shorter version of the Space Ape. The answer was the chimp, Reggie, who wore the costume before Janet. As the case concluded, Keith allowed the space shuttle to launch the following day.


In other languages

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Tommy Karlsen Norwegian
Adam Fietz Swedish
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