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Junk is an artistic work by Randy Warsaw that came to life and turned people into gold statues. It was revealed that Junk was the disguise of lead emo guitarist for Sunday Around Noonish, Butch Firbanks.

Physical appearance

Junk is a machine operated with a TV as its "hair," lights as its "eyes," drawers with chains as its "body," something as its "legs," wheels as its "shoulders," and flight weaponry as its "arms."


Junk is just a piece of junk running around at night turning people into gold statues to recreate a famous Bulgarian painting.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Butch Firbanks revealed

Butch Firbanks is revealed as the culprit.

It came to life as a monster and turned Eeko, Clio, and "Worker #1" into gold statues to recreate a famous Bulgarian painting. Randy came up with the idea to let "Junk" consume him because he thought it would be great publicity, right when it was about to consume Randy the gang stopped it buy breaking it into pieces and revealed that it was operated within by Butch Firbanks for revenge on Randy for turning him into something he hated (a goth emo guitarist) which before he was a Bulgarian polka player.



  • Junk is credited as "Junk Golem", possibly to better describe the monster.
  • Junk is animated in cel CGI.
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