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Jonathan Crabtree is a car counterfeiter.

Physical appearance

Mr. Crabtree is an elderly Caucasian male with gray hair.


He's introduced as a disabled guest with a pleasant smile. He also seems to be an innocent victim of Bigfoot's ghost. However, these are merely ploys he uses to cover his tracks. He's perfectly capable of driving the stolen vehicles. Unlike other villains, he's silent throughout the episode, not even saying anything about the gang being meddling kids when he's captured.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

Jonathan Crabtree unmasked

Crabtree unmasked.

He was a guest at the same lodge that Mystery Inc. and Laurel and Hardy were staying at. He had an operation of stealing, repainting, and selling stolen cars with real plates and dressed up as the Ghost of Bigfoot to scare people away so he could run his operation without being discovered.


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