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* History.

Johnny Bravo needed Mystery Inc.'s help finding his missing aunt.[1]

Physical appearance

Johnny is an adult Caucasian male with blond hair. He wears black sunglasses, a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes.


Johnny is very self assured and self obsessed. He believes that all women adore him, which led to him harassing Daphne, which she clearly is unimpressed by, but he doesn't take the hint. Ironically, Velma was flirting with him but he was too fixated on Daphne to pay her much attention.


Johnny Bravo

Season one

Scooby receives his present from Santa Claus (Johnny).

Johnny bumped into the Mystery Inc. gang on his way to see his Aunt Jebidisa. He asks for a ride in the Mystery Machine, but doesn't get a response from them until he mentioned where she lived, a spooky house on Widow's peak which make the gang all excited and they agree to take him. Whilst Velma took a liking to him, he ignored her and took an interest in Daphne, who found him extremely annoying. As they reached Aunt Jebidisa's house, it was empty and after much fruitless searching, they discover a Ghostly Gardener haunting the house. They eventually capture the ghost who is revealed to be none other than Aunt Jebidisa herself who wanted to scare away Johnny as he was an embarrassment to the family name. Later Johnny is tied to a tree and left behind by the Mystery Inc. gang and Aunt Jebedisa. (Bravo Dooby-Doo)

After taking over Santa Claus' job, Jonny visits Scooby giving him a present from Santa Claus. (Twas the Night)



  • In a Cartoon Network bumper for episodes of Scooby-Doo. He is dressed up as a sheet ghost scaring the gang, but is easily trapped by a mechanical fan in reverse, tearing his costume away. Daphne is red to see him and avoids him, as he gives a thumbs up to the viewers.
  • In an interstitial for The Cartoon Network Mole, he is "Joe's Diner", where he tells a story about the day he fell in love with Velma and proposed to her, but she rejected him as her career took priority. He quickly bounced back when he spotted Melody of Josie and the Pussycats.
  • In a bumper for Dexter's Laboratory, he finds Velma in a research lab. Although Dexter views it as a romantic evening in assisting Velma, he finds out she was creating a special hair gel for Johnny. Dexter is then ditched, when Johnny asks Velma out for dinner.