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John "J.J." Maxwell is a movie director, and Daphne Blake's uncle.

Physical appearance

John is a tall Caucasian male with dark brown hair and black eyes. He wears a grey fedora cap (which has soft brim and indented crown), light-red T-shirt with high-neck black vest underneath it, grey pants and brown shoes.


Takes pride in his movie directing, and hopes to make a good movie he'd been working on.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

John's stuntman, Carl, used for the Ape Man, wore the costume to try and sabotage the film making people on set think it had come to life. He did this because he hadn't been given the leading male role.[1]

Gold Key Comics adaptation

He rewarded the gang by giving them major parts.[2]



  • It's never explained how he's Daphne's uncle -- such as being a biological relative or if he's only her uncle by marriage (assuming that he's married).
    • If he's biologically related to Daphne, then he must be the brother of Daphne's mom, which would make Daphne's mom's maiden name "Maxwell".
    • If he's only her uncle by marriage, then he's either the husband of Daphne's mom's sister or Daphne's dad's sister (assuming either of Daphne's parents has a sister).
  • John Maxwell is only either called Uncle John or Mr. Maxwell, but the assistant director refers to him as "J. J.".
    • It's unknown what the second "J" is supposed to stand for, but it most likely stands for John's middle name.


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