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John Lawman is the creator and sheriff of Cyber Gulch.

Physical appearance

Sheriff Lawman is a middle-aged Caucasian male with short black hair, with a large black mustache. His attire is a sheriff outfit with a star symbolizing him as Sheriff. As a kid, he was a skinny boy wearing an orange collar shirt, brown pants and gray shoes.


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Early life

Myron Scrim

Lawman when he was younger.

Lawman was born as Myron Scrim, who was picked on at school for being considered a nerd. He later used his knowledge of technology to create Cyber Gulch.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

He pretended to be a robot himself and posed as the town sheriff. He built a robot gang led by Cold Steel to make his rescue missions more exciting. But after Cold Steel got out of control and attacked two guests, he turned them off.

Unfortunately, Gibby Norton started meddling around his lab, and Cold Steel was turned back on.

He accused the gang of being outlaws and sent them to jail. However, his ruse was exposed when Velma threw a cup of water on him, revealing him not to be a robot. Lawman helped switch off Cold Steel for good and went back to running Cyber Gulch.

He bid the gang farewell, apologizing for accusing them, and gave Scooby-Doo a little robotic Scooby toy.



Sheriff Lawman: Any danger. (a small beep is heard) Any danger. Any danger. Any danger. (talks fast and slow, then shuts down) Any danger any danger. Any danger.


  • His voice is similar to John Wayne, an actor who starred in several western films.
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