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John J. Hill is a comic-book artist who works for DC Comics as a letterer.

Comic credits

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

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Issue Title Role
114 Turkey Terror at 2000ft. letters
114 Shoot the Moon letters
114 Sushi Me? Sushi You! letters
115 It's a Wonderful Fright letters
115 Velma's Monsters of the World: The Yeti! letters
115 Santa's Evil Elves letters
116 Yeti Spaghetti letters
116 Velma's Monsters of the World: Tsukumogami letters
116 Mystery on the Alaska Express! letters
119 Mummy Under Wraps letters
119 Ghost In The Machine letters
119 The Texas Tooth-Step letters
148 Sumo A-Go-Go letters
148 Stars Behind Bars letters
150 The Black Katz letters
150 The Blackest Knight letters
151 Fright Ride letters
151 In The Spirit letters
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