The dog belonged to Jim Moss. He impersonated Scooby-Dee after Moss kidnapped her in the guise of the Phantom of Milo Booth. The plan was for Moss to make movies with the impostor posing as Dee.

Physical appearance

It was a scruffy-looking male dog, with white fur.


When caught, it snarled.

Skills and abilities

Only while disguised as Scooby-Dee, did it display perfect English, imitating her voice and southern accent.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

Jim Moss's dog unmasked

Dog unmasked.

The impostor replaced Scooby-Dee when she was traveling on a train with the gang. Dee left her berth to get a drink of water, and the Phantom of Milo Booth grabbed her, muzzled her, and put her into a sack. The impostor took her place so that the gang didn't know she was dognapped. The impostor gave himself away when Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Dum wanted a kiss. He was unwilling to kiss them, so he pulled back their lips and sprinkled them with water instead. This caused them to get suspicious since the kisses didn't feel right.

In the end, the impostor was unmasked, and the plot was revealed: he was going to make money for his master, Jim Moss, by making new Scooby-Dee movies in her place.


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