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Jessica is the chief counselor at Camp Big Moose, above the dam from Camp Little Moose.

Physical appearance

Jessica is an Asian adult female, with long brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, and an athletic body. At first, she wore a visor and a red bikini. Her main outfit is made up of a white top, blue track shorts, and blue sneakers. While she was dressed as the false Woodsman she wore a brown fedora, a brown straight-jacket and a pair of boots.


At first she was snobbish towards Camp Little Moose, but she is very friendly and smart. She also seems to be in love with Fred.


Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare

A bikini clad Jessica was driving a speed boat on Big Moose Lake when she accidentally caused Fred and Luke to lose a fish they caught. When Fred first saw her, he was immediately smitten with her, which caused some friction between himself and Daphne Blake. That night when the Gang caught her sneaking around their camp in a mosquito spoof suit, she was mistaken for the Woodsman, until the real Woodsman showed up and attacked them. He soon chased her onto a bridge overlooking a steep valley, where he cut the rope which almost sent her falling to her death. Fortunately, Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo jumped in and saved her. The next day she helped the gang investigate the mystery by showing them around her camp and explaining how most of her equipment had gone missing. The Gang then split up to search for clues, with Jessica accompanying Fred, Daphne and Luke exploring the bottom of the lake, where they came across an underwater town. Suddenly they were attacked by the Fishman, but managed to escape.

Later that evening she took Deacon back with her to Camp Big Moose. The next morning the gang sees her walking around Moose Creek, when Fred greets her saying "We have to stop meeting like this". He then states that she saw Deacon heading down there after the dam blew. Suddenly the Woodsman appears again and chases her, along with Luke and Fred, up the inside of the bell tower. When Fred causes him to fall, he grabs Jessica by her leg and tries to pull her down with him. Fred saves her as the Woodsman falls, and apparently survives. Jessica kisses Fred on the cheek and thanks him for saving her life.