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Jeff Albrecht is an American comic-book artist.

Comic credits

Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

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Issue Title Role
40 Ghost Tour Inks
49 Elf King Swing Inks
53 Fight or Flight! Inks
56 The Italian Hellion Inks
58 Creature from the Blue Lagoon Inks
63 Barnstormin' Banshee Inks
64 Hot Springs, Cold Sweat Inks
67 Icy Reception Inks
69 Skeleton Skare Inks
97 Night of the Jinkies Inks
106 Danger-Prone Daphne Inks
107 A Case for the Birds! Inks
112 Dr. Krankenstone's Monster Inks
118 This Old Haunted House Inks
119 Ghost in the Machina Inks
120 Ape Misbehavin' Inks
143 The Wicked Witch of the West Wing Inks
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