Professor Jameson Hyde White is an archaeologist from London, England.

Physical appearance

Professor Hyde White is a middle-aged Caucasian male, with brown hair and a mustache. He wears a tan suit, white dress shirt, and a black tie.


Professor Hyde White is dedicated to his job as an archaeologist. He is highly intelligent, which would allow him to know which paintings that were being stolen and replaced with fake ones, being able to tell which ones were fake as opposed to which ones were real.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Jameson Hyde White unmasked

Prof. Hyde White is found.

He was supposed to deliver a suit of black armor to the County Museum, but along the way he disappeared. It may have had something to do with the suit of armor itself coming to life at night on the full moon, but in reality it was a story made up by Mr. Wickles, the museum curator, to throw suspicion off when the gang inquired about the professor's disappearance.

Wickles didn't see the professor's special glasses that had fallen off, which led the gang back to the museum (after they researched that they would belong to someone such as the professor). Wickles then had to wear the suit of armor to scare them off, but they ended up capturing him instead. Wickles did this all because he was stealing art from the museum and making forgeries to replace them with, and Prof. Hyde White would've been able to tell.

Wickles' scheme was uncovered, but the professor was still missing, until Scooby-Doo led them to an Indian effigy hiding Prof. Hyde White, who was also tied and gagged. Once freed, he discussed the events with the gang about there being no legend, Wickles just used it to cover up his mysterious disappearance and that he somehow got in the armor and made him disappear on the way to the museum. Suddenly, they see the Black Knight in the museum office. It lifted up its visor only to reveal Scooby inside.[1]

Johnny Bravo

Season one

The gang helped Johnny Bravo find his missing Aunt Jebidisa. Along the way they encounter and catch the Ghostly Gardener. It's revealed to be none other than Johnny's own aunt, but when they originally unmasked the monster they found she was hiding under a few other memorable disguises, including Professor Hyde White.[2]



  • In storyboards and his model sheet, Jameson Hyde White is instead referred to as "James Hyde White". The storyboard also describes him as being from England, but gives him a cowboy fetish.[3][4]

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Werner Abrolat German
Peter Sjöquist Swedish


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