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Jabberjaw is an air-breathing great white shark, who acts as the mascot of the Neptunes.

Physical appearance

Jabberjaw is blue with a white belly, and has a mouth full of sharp teeth.


He always makes snarky comments about how he "doesn't get any respect". 

Powers and abilities

He can talk, walk on land, and breathe underwater. 



Season one

Insert details here. (Acapulco and England )

He was on the spectator boat for the reed-boat race at the Red Sea with Peter Potamus, but got upset when the announcer mistaked him for "some kind of fish".[2]

Insert details here. (Africa and San Francisco)

Season two

Insert details here. (New York and Turkey)

Insert details here. (New Orleans and Atlantis)

Night of the Living Doo


Jaberjaw unmasked.

Insert details here.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated continuity

Jabberjaw (SDMI)

Jabberjaw in Scooby's dream.

Scooby went to the competition at the school and became friends with other sidekicks and meets Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman, Speed Buggy, and Funky Phantom.

Lord Infernicus attacked and captured the gangs of Scooby's, Jabberjaw's, Captain Caveman's, Speed Buggy's, and Funky Phantom's. Scooby, Jabberjaw, and Captain Caveman found guinea pigs. Scooby found four guinea pigs and they look like his gang, Jabberjaw found four guinea pigs and they look like his gang, and Captain Caveman found three guinea pigs that look like his gang. Funky Phantom left, but Scooby says "Come back, we're missing something". Lord Infernicus appears again and attacks Scooby, Jabberjaw, and Captain Caveman.

Lord Infernicus disappeared. Scooby and the rest of the "sidekicks" had to solve the mystery. Angel and Quinlan took a ride on Speed Buggy, and gathered Scooby and his two sidekicks, as well. The principal called Sheriff Stone on the phone, but he was uncooperative.

Mascots are just toys

Jabberjaw is just a toy.

Scooby and the sidekicks defeat Lord Infernicus and Angel released the gangs. All the gang have found out that Scooby, Jabberjaw, Speed Buggy, and Captain Caveman have saved the day and solve the mystery. Scooby unmasks Lord Infernicus. It was Funky Phantom! Funky was sick of being a sidekick and told everyone he is not a real ghost and his real name was Jonathan Wellington Muddlemore. The three teenagers found a clock in the room and thinking Funky was a ghost. He wanted to be the leader. He learned about Lord Infernicus. He used a hologram to make himself appear as Infernicus and all he needed his smoke, fireworks, and a skeleton puppet. He even abucted his own cat, Boo. Funky Phantom would then take everyone to Africa. He then used the outfits on the guinea pigs just throw Scooby and the sidekicks off track and it was full proof and genius. Until Scooby started to act like a hero instead of a sidekick. Boo got angry that Funky Phantom lied to him. He jumped on Funky Phantom and scratched him on the face. Scooby woke up to see his pals, and then noticed three action figures on the shelf that looked like Jabberjaw, Speed Buggy, and Captain Caveman.[3]

SCOOB! continuity

Neptunes (SCOOB!)
Jabberjaw (SCOOB!)

He and the Neptunes were on a poster at the Funland Arcade in an arcade cabinet.

He was later a member of the Falcon Force alongside Grape ApeAtom Ant, and Captain Caveman.




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