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J.R. Kipple is the publicist of Crystal Cove mayor, Janet Nettles.

Physical appearance

Kipple is a tall, thin, and bald Caucasian male. He has elongated features, including his distinct oblong head. He wears a long unstructured mauve shirt with a black collar and dark purple pants. His accessories include a white scarf and glasses with thick black frames and rose colored lenses.


Much like Fred Jones, Sr. before him, he is greatly interested in tourism and considers Mystery incorporated meddlesome to his business.[1]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Because he reveled in the exploits of the Crybaby Clown, he was a strong suspect to be the Clown himself. He was kidnapped by the Clown to be part of his "entourage."[1]

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