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J.J. Hakimoto is a famous director.

Physical appearance

He is an Asian male, with dark blue hair tied in a ponytail and a beard. At a dinosaur exhibition in Costa Rica, J.J. wears an open red shirt over a white one. In Transylvania, he wore a blue shirt over a black one. His pants are a grayish-blue. He also wears circular glasses.


J.J. is eccentric, describing his movies and real life situations with poetic passion.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

J.J. was introduced by Dr. Gutierrez during a dinosaur exhibition before his movie was revealed. He briefly describes his movie before sitting down.

After the dinosaur spirit attacked, he stood next to the museum curator observing the damage. He was suspected of being the spirit as a publicity stunt, but that suspicion was cleared later on.[1]

Season two

He directed the Hex Girls' new music video. (The Vampire Strikes Back)



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