The Invisible Madman was a high-tech invisibility suit shared by a group of people (involving Zeke Zillion, Eve De La Faye, Gibby Norton, and Jack Hunter).

Physical appearance

It's invisible, but when struck with electricity it has green skin.


The Invisible Madman was very sneaky and violent. He was also very intent on kidnapping Simple Plan. He was also crazy and reckless because he endangered the lives of others such as the gang and simple plan.

Powers and abilities

  • Invisibility


Zeke unmasked.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

They tried to use it in an attempt to keep Simple Plan from performing at the Montreal Rock Festival, because the former group thought that they could play themselves. He first attacked the Simple Plan tour bus, then Scooby and Shaggy at the diner in Huntersville. He also kidnapped the members of Simple Plan one by one and locked them at the bank. 

Later, he drove a snowplow that ran the gang over a cliff. After that, Fred threw a bag of flour at the Invisible Madman, making him visible, but it chased the gang all over Huntersville. However, when it chased Shaggy and Scooby near a high-voltage area, he got electrocuted and it rendered him visible.

The Madman turned out to be Zeke Zillion, Simple Plan's tour bus driver. While he was behind the disguise this time, it also turned out that Jack HunterEve De La Faye (who designed the cloak), and Gibby Norton (who invented the invisibility cloak) were also responsible for this monster. They all wanted to replace Simple Plan with a band of their own, but they turned out to be horrible musicians.



  • The Invisible Madman was the first monster where every suspect was the monster in order to throw Mystery Inc. off the trail.