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The customer was a tourist in Oakhaven for the Autumn Festival.

Physical appearance

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Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

He went to the puritan village, and laughed at Shaggy Rogers after he made a joke while he was in a pillory.

Later, while at he was shocked at seeing Scooby-Doo eat an entire bowl of cranberries, but was even more sickened after Scooby smiled at him while his face and teeth were covered in cranberry sauce. The customer was close to throwing up, and had to make a quick exist as he placed his cheque on the counter.



Ill customer's wife (Witch's Ghost)


  • He was momentarily with a woman (possibly his wife) while laughing at Shaggy when he was in the pillory. In the same scene his face was off-model and his scelera was flesh coloured.
  • Despite his cheque implying he already ate, the booth he was in was already occupied by a group of people seconds before.
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