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How I Spent My Winter Break is the second and final story in Scooby-Doo #4, by DC Comics. It was preceded by The Old Ways.


Shaggy gets carried away by his imagination when he can't find his left shoe.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Police officers (only appearance)(miscellaneous speaking)(fantasy)


  • Rogers home
    • Shaggy's bedroom
    • Living room
  • Warehouse (fantasy)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pasko's general store (mentioned)


  • Shaggy's bed
  • Pizza
  • Shaggy's alarm clock
  • Shaggy's t-shirt
  • Shaggy's pants
  • Shaggy's socks
  • Shaggy's right shoe
  • Left shoes (fantasy)
  • Shaggy's left shoe


  • None


Suspect Motive/reason
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers In Shaggy's imagination, their house was the place where the Left-Shoe Stealing Ghost and its employer were going into.
Mr. and Mrs. Pasko In Shaggy's imagination, they worked all day in their general store, while everyone else was out walking around in their shoes.


Culprit Motive/reason
In Shaggy's imagination, Mr. and Mrs. Pasko disguised themselves as Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and stole people's shoes to hold them for ransom. In reality, Shaggy had simply misplaced his shoe in a pizza box.

Full credits

The following credits try to match how they are displayed in the comic as much as possible:


  • It seems that Shaggy is accustomed to the idea that his life will be one monster plot after another, so much that he sees them everywhere.


Coloring mistakes

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • Shaggy is visiting home from some school where he has a winter break, and his parents refer to him as a teenager, which suggests this story is set early in his history. Or continuity is just being ignored.
  • Another continuity that is being ignored is that the fact that the gang is supposed to all come from Coolsville (as was mentioned in The Roswell Riddle, yet Shaggy implies that it would be impossible for them to see each other.