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* Physical appearance.
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The so-called housekeeping couple are neighbors of the Addams Family.

Physical appearance

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The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

Housekeeping couple exposed

The housekeeping couple are revealed as the culprits.

They thought that the Addams were frightening to the neighborhood children. They dressed up a helicopter as a giant vulture and controlled various objects in the house attached to special steel cubes to try and frighten the Addams Family out of the area.

Mystery Inc., who had crashed the Mystery Machine earlier because they thought their car's headlights were eyes, were unwillingly taken in as the replacement housekeepers. When Fred Jones lit a firework by accident, it caused a chain reaction and a firework hit their helicopter, spinning it out of control and crashing it. After explaining their reasons to the gang, the man asked them to call the authorities and get everything over with. However, Velma Dinkley then said she had a better solution and then the gang showed the housekeepers that the children weren't as scared of the Addams Family as they thought and they changed their minds. The Addams made splendid neighbors to them.


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