Hound of the Scoobyvilles is the first half of the third episode of The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show. It was followed by The Dinosaur Deception.


The kids are headed to Barkerville Hall, in Scotland, to figure out what is happening to the Barkerville sheep. Has the curse come true, has the Hound of the Barkervilles come, and is it Scooby, as all the town people believe?


The gang are in Scotland on their way to the Barkerville Hall where sheep have been stolen and the gang have been called to investigate.

Upon arriving, the caretaker Bentley warns them to leave because the land is cursed. But upon hearing that his master summoned them, he lets them in.

Mr. Barkerville explains that his great-grandfather Cedric's estate was terrorized by a fiendish hound called the Hound of the Barkervilles who devoured all the sheep. Cedric banished the hound and the legend says that should the hound return, the Barkerville hall will fall. They suddenly hear a howling outside frightening Shaggy and Scooby, Barkerville is convinced that it's the curse and fears for the estate.

That night while everyone was sleeping, Scooby sees someone holding out a ring at the door and falls into a trance. He walks outside into the fields. Bentley wakes up Mr. Barkerville and warns him that the sheep are gone. He goes on saying that he saw the hound and looked a lot like Scooby.

Mr. Barkerville accuses the gang for their friend stealing the sheep, but Shaggy doesn't believe it and goes to Scooby's bed to prove them wrong, only to find that he's not there.

They find him outside out of his trance. The shepherds came out as an angry mob, forcing the gang to hide back inside. While running, they found Mr. Barkerville's will and Daphne decides that they need to capture the real hound to prove Scooby's innocent.

They plan to use an empty grave to trap the real hound and split-up to find some heather to cover it with. Scooby's left by himself and gets himself in a trance by the same ring again and wanders off.

While covering the grave, Shaggy doesn't notice the real hound behind him and mistakes him for Scooby until he looks behind him. By the time he warns the gang the hound disappears and notice Scooby's missing again. Scrappy go's out to find him and runs straight into the real hound, although he tries to stand up to him, he chickens out. Meanwhile, the mob of shepherds find Scooby who snaps out of his trance and runs away when they come after him. He runs the other way after running into the real hound and gets caught in a net by Mr. Barkerville.

Mr. Barkerville assures the shepherds that he caught the hound, but Daphne says they caught the wrong hound pointing them to the graveyard where the real hound falls into the trap. He's unmasked as Bentley who wanted to get the estate, Daphne figured it out when they found Cedric's will, he said he was the only one who saw the hound and tried to frame Scooby. Bentley says that the stolen sheep are in a nearby shed, Scrappy opens the door and all the sheep ran out.

As the gang prepares to leave, Mr. Barkerville thanks them for solving the mystery, but Shaggy and Daphne wonders how Bentley got Scooby in that trance, he answers the question by showing them the super-sonic ring accidentally hypnotizing Scooby one more time.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Cedric Barkerville (only time mentioned)(deceased)
  • Shepherds (single appearance)(miscellaneous speaking)
  • Sheep (single appearance)(no lines)



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Suspect Motive/reason
Scooby-Doo Under a curse.


Culprit Motive/reason
Bentley as the Hound of the Barkervilles To steal sheep.


Don Messick Scooby-Doo
Hound of the Barkervilles
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Heather North Kenney Daphne Blake

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  • This is the first episode Scrappy got scared while facing a monster and ran off.


Cultural references

  • This episode is a reference to the famous Sherlock Holmes book The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • When the hound comes at night and wakes everyone, Bentley's mouth is moving while Lord Barkerville is talking.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • None known.

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