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The Horrible Herd are a herd of genetically engineered mutant skull cattle bred from cows, piranhas and bees by Professor Pericles at Destroido Corp..

Physical appearance

The Horrible Herd resemble six-legged cows with skull-like heads. Their bodies are covered with bee-like stripes and their teeth are as sharp as a piranhas'.


They are vicious, destroying everything in their path. They will follow their "queen bee" anywhere.

Powers and abilities

The Horrible Herd can eat anything. Being part piranha, the Horrible Herd can also swim. They produce a substance that tastes like cheese mixed with honey.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

The Horrible Herd was designed by Destroido Corp under the direction of Professor Pericles, who was seeking to flush out the new Mystery Incorporated team and the completed Planispheric Disc. Upon completion, the Herd killed several of Destroido Corp's top scientists before being sent towards Crystal Cove, destroying everything in its path.

The gang ultimately managed to trick the Horrible Herd into following a commandeered helicopter that led them into the ocean. Unfortunately, the Herd survived (due to being part-piranha) and began dispersing into the ocean, causing Velma and Shaggy to worry about the ecological consequences of their plan.

Luckily for the gang, the Horrible Herd was retroactively erased from existence following the destruction of the Evil Entity (as Professor Pericles had never commissioned them in the first place).


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