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* Personality.

The Hodag of Horror was the disguise of Roberto, the trained pet monkey of Ned Fussbuster.

Physical appearance[]

It looks like some sort of beast-like demon with bluish-green fur and orange eyes and a row of thick, curved spines down its back.


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Powers and abilities[]

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated[]

Season two[]

When Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo first saw the Hodag in the Curio wagon of Gene Shepherd, seemingly as a stuffed toy, they say it looked like the fakest monster ever, an opinion that was stated by Fred Jones, Jr. later on.

During the night, the Hodag 'woke up' and went to the home of Daisy Blake, attacking her and stealing her expensive bell necklace, because Roberto, the monkey inside the suit, loved bells. It later attacked the gang and Gene inside the Curio wagon, seemingly erasing Gene from the list of suspects.

Roberto the human unmasked

Roberto the human unmasked.

The Hodag then visits the Blake Mansion during the welcome back party of Fred's biological parents, scaring Sheriff Bronson Stone and stealing jewelery from a lot of guests, also Nova, the dog of Fred's parents. Its horde of treasure is found inside the Curio wagon, and Gene Sheperd is arrested, with the Sheriff confiscating all his artifacts. Velma Dinkley and the Sheriff wait in a prison cell for the Hodag to come for the key that was confiscated, and the Hodag is eventually trapped in a bell tower, and unmasked as Roberto.

Fussbuster appears on a balcony, holding Nova over the edge, and explains that he trained Roberto to steal upon the sound of a bell, but he soon became obsessed with bells, and stole them and anything attached to them. Scooby throws the cheese that Fussbuster was trying to steal at him, and catches Nova. Fussbuster and Roberto are then taken to prison, with Roberto ringing a bell at him, much to his cries of despair.


When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it altered all of reality for Crystal Cove; meaning the Hodag of Horror wasn't a disguise in the past.