The Hideous Hyde Hound is the mechanical dog of Mr. Hyde.

Physical appearance

He was hairy with red glowing eyes and sharp teeth and claws.


He was very aggressive and obeys to his master, Mr. Hyde.

Powers and abilities

He was very flexible due to his robot parts.


Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon

He appeared at Hotel San De Pedro and crashed the Blue Falcon party.

He was then with Mr. Hyde after the latter robbed the armored car. When Scooby got on the car, Mr. Hyde ordered his hound to kill Scooby. However Scooby caused Mr. Hyde to crash the car next to the police. In an act of revenge, Mr Hyde once again ordered the him to put an end to the canine hero. But Owen Garrison, piloting the Falconcar, stops him, and together with Scooby, destroys him.



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