Heather Lane was a college art student who interned at the Costa Rican Museum, while on an exchange program.

Physical appearance

Heather is a young Caucasian female, with long brown hair. She wears a pink long-sleeved shirt with a red skirt and high heels. He wears a red colored handkerchief around her neck.


While she treated the gang with hospitality during her tour of the museum, she was revealed to be greedy and selfish due to her involvement in the Dinosaur spirit case.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Heather Lane and Luis Cepeda apprehended

Heather and Luis Cepeda are taken by the police.

Heather was a foreign exchange working as an intern for the Costa Rican Museum. She was introduced to the gang via the museum curator. He had her take them on a tour around the museum, which included a moon rock exhibit and the abandoned gold mines under the museum.

Daphne stated that Heather could have something to do with the dinosaur spirit due to her fancy attire.

When she was called to the cinema, Heather was revealed to be an art major. This allowed her to skillfully make a false skin for a mechanical excavator to give it the appearance of the dinosaur spirit. She then controlled the excavator to mine gold from an active vein in the museum gold mines. She was arrested alongside Luis Cepeda.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Jannike Kruse Norwegian
Annica Smedius Swedish


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