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The Headless Snowman was the disguise of Prof. William Fagen Higginson.

Physical appearance

He resembled a typical snowman, having three ball-shaped layers, coal eyes and buttons, a carrot nose, and wooden stick arms. He also had wooden legs which resembled the talons of a bird. He had sharp teeth.


The snowman's behavior was aggressive and sinister.

Powers and abilities

He had a detachable head which he often used as a projectile. He also had super strength and agility and was really fast.


Early life

William Fagen Higginson revealed

Prof. Higginson is revealed as the culprit.

The Headless Snowman was believed to be the ghost of a robber named Blackjack Brody, who robbed Professor Higginson's great-grandfather of his gold. After stealing the gold, Brody was being hunted down by the villagers of Winter Hollow, so he hid the gold in a chimney. But when it came to surviving the elements, such as a snowstorm, luck wasn't on his side, and when the snowstorm came, the robber froze to death, being imprisoned as a snowman. After the villagers of Winter Hollow dug him out of the snowman, they buried him in the cemetery of Winter Hollow. Legend now said that Blackjack Brody arose from the grave every Christmas Eve to search for the gold he had stolen.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

However, the mystery ended when the Headless Snowman was revealed to be Professor Higginson, whose real name was William Fagen Higginson. He wanted his great-grandfather's gold, so he went around destroying people's chimneys to search for it.


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