The Headless Horror of Squar Gringot was the disguise of Marion Spartan, the wife of Rick Spartan.

Physical appearance

It has no head, but a distorted face appears on the torso, including a twisted mouth with sharp teeth and red eyes.


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Powers and abilities

It exhibits immense strength, tossing Rick around like a doll. It could toss aside large objects using the mouth on its torso, which Marion controlled with her stomach muscles alone; due to working out and through the use of her costume she was able to lift and throw her husband around, who is quite buff.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Marion Spartan unmasked

Marion Spartan unmasked.

Marion was tired of adventuring in the jungle and hoped to scare her husband out of it. She staged everything about the curse from when it first began. Once her husband found out the truth he forgave her and refused to press charges. (Attack of the Headless Horror)



"I shall return! I shall be with you forever!"

"You have plundered not just my tomb, but countless others!"

"I shall follow you all the days of your lives!"

"You shall never be rid of me!"

"I don't think so!"



Costume in the Crystal Cove Online game at the Spook Museum

  • This monster is very similar to a legendary carnivorous tribal headless titan-like beast called blemmyae.
  • As part of a series of changes made for the Crystal Cove Online game, the Headless Horror has the power to control poison where in the series it only is super strong. The change also made the creature closer to its selvatic nature as the natives of the Amazon constantly use poisons.
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