This article is about the real Hatfield family. For Mystery Inc.'s ghost disguises based on their ancestors, see Ghosts of the Hatfields.
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The Hatfields are a family who, along with their dog, live in a cabin in the Ozarks.



The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

When they moved into their current home, they found themselves being menaced by the Ghost of Witch McCoy, who was seemingly turning them into frogs, so the gang decided to investigate. It turned out that the Hatfields' cabin contained hidden directions to stolen money that was buried by a bank robber. The gang captured the witch along with the bank robber who had escaped from prison and posed as a zombie by tampering with the directions and impersonating the ghosts of deceased Hatfield relatives to scare them. The Hatfields weren't really turned into frogs, just kidnapped by Aggie Wilkins, the robber's ex-girlfriend, who posed as the witch so she could get the Hatfields out of the cabin and make off with her ex-boyfriend's stolen money.


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