This article is about the animated Harlan Ellison. For the real-world Harlan Ellison, see Harlan Ellison (author).

Harlan Ellison is a famous writer.

Physical appearance

Harlan Ellison is a lanky, middle-aged caucasian male with dark brown hair. He wears a purple leisure suit with dark purple embellishments and pockets paired with a pink shirt that has an oversize collar. He also wears a white belt, coral ascot, white and tan penny loafers, and thick framed glasses with green tint lenses.


He is abrasive and critical of poor usage of language. For example, improper use of the word "like".[1]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He did a lecture at Darrow University on his new book, but was only asked about the ones by Prof. H.P. Hatecraft, whom he criticized. Velma Dinkley was a big fan, and she brought a big stack of books for him to autograph. She got a favorable reception because he knew her mother and he kindly told her that "Jinkies" was not a word.

Mr. Ellison's comments about the books of Hatecraft earned him an attack by one of its characters, Char Gar Gothakon. After this, he criticized Shaggy's improper use of the word "like" before storming away.

Later, he and Hatecraft decided to collaborate on a book about fans and how monstrous they were.[1]

Later, it was revealed that Mr. Ellison had become a teacher at Darrow University. He was absent at a misanthrope convention at the time of the Obliteratrix attack.[2]


After Mystery Incorporated destroyed the Evil Entity during Nibiru and reset the timeline, Harlan Ellison was the only one besides them that remembered what happened and became the new "Mr. E", revealing that he also knew everything about them. After getting a job as a teacher of sub-nuclear sciences at Miskatonic University, he enrolled the gang (even Scooby-Doo), with the gang deciding to take the Mystery Machine across the country and solving mysteries along the way.[3]



  • The character of Harlan Ellison is a fictionalized version of prolific writer and author Harlan Ellison (May 27, 1934-June 28, 2018) and was voiced by Ellison himself in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. Just as he is portrayed in the show, Ellison was famous for his abrasive personality and wit. His award-winning work covers many genres, including horror, sci-fi, speculative fiction, and mystery; he also penned television screenplays.


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