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"Happy Haunted Sunshine House" is a chase song in the crossover episode of Johnny Bravo episode Bravo Dooby-Doo. It was written by Van Partible, with music by Louis Fagenson, and performed by Ward Dotson.


Come on, baby, let's take my car
To the place where dreams come true
It's a mile off the interstate
And if you want to dance, well, that's there, too

At the Happy Haunted Sunshine House,
We can groove
Oh, yeah

Well, there's cobwebs
Everyone's dead
But once the sun shines in
We'll paint the place red

Don't be, don't be scared girl
When we monster mash,
It's out of this world

Come on, baby, kick off your shoes
Wave your hands side to side
Come on, baby
We'll dunk our heads in the apple bin
Maybe if you're lucky you'll be mummified


Maybe if you're lucky you'll be mummified
At the Happy Haunted Sunshine House


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