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Hank Laughenstock owns a chicken farm in Coolsville.

Physical appearance

Hank is a middle-aged, obese, Caucasian male with a mostly bald head with three strands of hair sticking up and a small brown mustache. He wears a dark blue dungarees with a light blue shirt underneath and a red bow tie.


He is angry, presumptuous, not nice, and above all, very rude. He proudly jeers at people or things he hates.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season two

Hank was accused by Scoop Byline of being Chickenstein (who existed at that time only in rumors) on the evidence there were eggs and chicken feathers near his house, which he yells at Scoop about that he owns a chicken farm. He was very angry and might have dressed up as Chickenstein after that for revenge, to drive the National Exaggerator out of business and Scoop out of a job. He was found innocent when Chickenstein was unmasked as Casmer Codwaller.



Hank: But now, the Exaggerator is out of business and Scoop Byline is out of a job. You know, life just don't get much better than this.

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