Gus Boggs is the manager for the Hex Girls band. He was formerly a manager for Fantzee Pantz. He speaks with a pronounced British accent.

Physical appearance

Gus is a Caucasian male with black hair and black eyes. Thin and of average height, he dresses in the style of British Invasion rock n' roll musicians with a green shirt, purple jacket, pink pants, and black shoes with brass buckles on the top. He also wears rose colored glasses and a light pink scarf tied around his neck.


Gus's personality matches his career as a successful manager and he carries himself with an air of superiority and experience. Somewhat quirky in his interactions, one of his most noticeable traits is that he constantly speaks in rhyme.


Early life

He managed Fantzee Pantz (Daniel Prezette), and produced Pantz's music video of the same name. When Fantzee Pantz was cut by his label when he wasn't able to replicate his success, Boggs moved onto manage the much more successful band Hex Girls.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

After the Hex Girls were attacked by the Phantom, Gus Boggs agreed with Thorn and Fred to keep the tour going. Boggs was excited when Mayor Jones worked to capitalize on the appearance of the Phantom by arranging for the Hex Girls to play at Terror Dome Stadium instead of the smaller Terrorpheum. He was briefly suspected of being the Phantom after Shaggy and Scooby-Doo discovered his connection to one-hit wonder pop artist Fantzee Pantz, but Mystery Incorporated soon proved that Hex Girls song writer and crew member Daniel Prezette was both the Phantom and Fanztee Pantz.



  • He called Mayor Jones, "Mayor Handsome", leaving it up to the viewer decide if he was just being flattering or was attracted to him.
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