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The Gryphon was a creature built and controlled by Marlon Merlin. It haunted the school that Madelyn Dinkley, Velma's younger sister, studies in.

Physical appearance

The Gryphon had the lower body of a lion with a tail and had the front body of an eagle with wings.

Powers and abilities

It could fly and emit terrifying shrieks.


Early life

In the legends, it was supposed to protect the school, summoned by Seamus O'Flannery, and controlled by a magic staff.

Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo

Marlon Merlin took advantadge of the legend and built a mechanical, giant puppet operated from a blimp to force his brother Whirlen to close the school and sell the castle to Calvin Curdles. Then he would have enough money to start his own magic act and no longer have his brother take all the credit for his work.


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