Gretchen Mueller was a competitor in the snowboarding competition put on by Bruce Wilkinson.

Physical appearance

Gretchen is an attractive adult Caucasian female, with long blonde hair, which she wears in a braided ponytail.

Her outfit consists of a red-violet and pink coat and pants. Her headwear ranges from a violet headband to a violet snowboarding helmet.


She is competitive and has an overconfident attitude, mocking her opponents and claiming she is sure to win.

She speaks with an undefined European accent, possibly Swiss or Austrian.


Early life

She had won contests all over Europe.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

She was leaving for the lodge when Chris Klug was injured during his attack by the Snow Creature.

When the gang came to witness the snowboarding competition held by Bruce Wilkinson, she was seen practicing near their parking space. Fred Jones complimented her achievements in Europe. Gretchen called him lucky, boasting that he would see her win the current event as well.

She and the other competitors were brought under suspicion of being the Snow Creature, as there was a million dollar prize waiting for them if they win. In order to investigate, Shaggy Rogers was entered into the competition. When Gretchen met Shaggy, she doubted his potential as a professional snowboarder. She pushes him down a steep slope and takes note of his 'unorthodox style' of the sport.

When it was revealed that Avalanche Anderson was the Snow Creature, Gretchen, and the other competitors were allowed to continue competing in the event.