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The Graveyard Ghoul was the disguise of Count Evallo von Meanskrieg.

Physical appearance

He looked like a crazy zombie with one eye that's black and the other that's brown and he wears a ragged coat.


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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Evallo von Meanskrieg unmasked

Count Evallo von Meanskrieg unmasked.

He tried to scare the Bjorklunds and everyone else away from the cemetery so that he could steal natural gas. Velma first suspected him because he acted like the Ghoul even out of costume. At some point prior to working in the cemetery he was denied a work permit for being "pure evil". While Evallo was arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone for being the Graveyard Ghoul, he was released due to his family's diplomatic influence.


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