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Grandmama, also known as Granny, is the grandmother in the Addams Family.

Physical appearance

Grandmama is an elderly Caucasian female, with long white hair.


Like all the Addamses, she is attracted to the macabre.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

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  • In some presentations, Grandmama is the mother of Morticia Addams, but this is a late addition to the character's backstory; when Wednesday goes missing, she claims that she is her granddaughter, so she is likely supposed to be either Gomez or Morticia's mother when the episode was written. Since Pugsley and Wednesday are presumably both the children of Gomez or Morticia this likely means that Grandmama is also Pugsley's grandmother too, unless she was lying about her grandmaternity.
  • Grandmama has a pet iguana. When Scooby-Doo consumes the entire contents of a pot on the stove in the kitchen, just as Granny enters with the iguana on a leash, Velma apologizes "I'm sorry, Granny. Scooby ate all your soup." However, Granny says "Soup? That's not soup. That's the iguana's bathwater!"


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