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Gramps the Vamp was the disguise of Leon Vanaugh, the uncle of Lisa Vanaugh.

Physical appearance

Gramps was a pale male, with black hair and a beard without a moustache, yellow sclera, fangs, and pointed ears. He wore a magenta cape with a purple interior, an indigo tuxedo, a gray dress shirt and a magenta bow tie.


He was vengeful and cruel towards the gang as well as Scooby Dum and he also had habit of making panther-like sounds and screaming for blood to scare the gang. He would also laugh sinisterly when things went his way.

Powers and abilities

He used a special whistle to control his vampire bats, which he bought at an exotic pet shop. Velma Dinkley realized this when Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Dum could hear it and she couldn't. He also used a watch to hypnotize Lisa into thinking she was a vampire and attacking Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo.

He was also capable of crawling through the hotel ventilation duct system in full dress without ever getting lost or getting his clothing dirty.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

Leon Vanaugh unmasked.

Uncle Leon claimed to Lisa that the vampire in question was her late grandfather. It supposedly took control of her in order to haunt Great Skull Island. When the vampire was defeated, it was discovered to be Uncle Leon in disguise, in a plot to keep his niece from claiming the hotel.


In other languages

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