Grady Laurence is an actor, a rival to Vincent Thorne.

Physical appearance

Grady is an Caucasian male with black hair and a mustache.


He is shown to takes his job as an actor very seriously, and considers himself to be a much better and suitable role for Stinkweed. As a result, he held a grudge against Vincent Thorne for being the role.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season one

He said that if Thorne went to jail for the crimes of Stinkweed then he could get the part. It would be a much better role than his current one, appearing as a "Bucket O'Nachos" in commercials for Mr. O'Greazy. This made him a good suspect to be the monster himself. He and Jane Thursday were both suspected to being Stinkweed, but was found innocent when Stinkweed was unmasked as Vincent Thorne. He was later rehired by O'Greazy to star in a Bucket O'Scooby Snax commercial.


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