Grady Gator was a mechanic in Gatorsburg, and is a member of the Gator family; brother of Greta Gator, and uncle of Gunther Gator.

Physical appearance

Grady is a muscular, Caucasian male, with long white hair grown from what's left around his head, and a beard. He wears a brown shirt with the sleeves cut off and his name on the front, blue jeans, large steel toed work boots, and large green bracelets on each arm.


He has a deep voice and an aggressive attitude.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Grady Gator unmasked

Grady unmasked.

Grady approached Mystery Incorporated when the Mystery Machine would not start in Gatorsburg. Finding that the engine was missing, he told them a replacement delivered from Crystal Cove would not arrive until the next day and recommended that they spend the night at his family's hotel.

Along with the rest of his family, he took part in the creation of counterfeit alligator products and dressed up as one of the Creeping Creatures to scare people away. When exposed by Mystery Inc., Grady, alongside Greta Gator and Gunther Gator, were arrested by Sheriff Bronson Stone and his men even though Crystal Cove's police force had no jurisdiction in Gatorsburg.[1]

Season two

While in line at the local prison cafeteria, Grady met Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo and asked them what they were in for, with Shaggy stating that they were there for the food.[2]


In other languages

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Tommy Karlsen Norwegian


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