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Gooey-Oh was a prototype toy created by Tad & Mitch. This was only in Dr. Laslow Ostwald's Virtual Mystery Game, and therefore could be purely fabricated.

Physical appearance

It was a small, red-skinned dinosaur-like creature, with spiky dark red hair, and a red rim. It also had orange eyes, and a flip button on the left side of its body.

Powers and abilities

When the button was turned on, it could shoot out small flames as it walked.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

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  • It was voiced by Jennifer Hale, and was credited as "Gooey-Oh Creature."
  • Gooey-Oh is a play on the now defunct Kids' WB anime Yu-Gi-Oh! The hair on top of the toy also partly resembles Yugi's/Atem's spiky hair.
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