The Gnome was the disguise of Gill Littlefoot, used to frame his wife, Amanda, the queen of the Royal Knights Faire, and to attack attendants at the faire who were dressed as pirates.

Physical appearance

The Gnome was a life-size gnome, with green skin, and a white beard. It wore a red hat, gloves, and shoes, a brown shirt, a belt, black pants, and had glowing blue hands.

Powers and abilities

Gill put jellyfish toxin on his gloves to paralyze his enemies. It was however, inneffective against steel, as revealed by Daphne Blake.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Gill Littlefoot unmasked

Gill Littlefoot unmasked.

When the Gnome paralyzed as many 'pirates' as possible, Mystery Inc. started to investigate while they were there. Unfortunately the gang hit a snag when Shaggy Rogers, also dressed as a pirate, was kidnapped by the Gnome.

Scooby-Doo and the gang formulated a plan to look for Shaggy and capture the Gnome.

Fred Jones and the girls were chasing the gnome, while Scooby found Shaggy bound and gagged by the gnome. The Gnome eventually fell into the trap and was unmasked to reveal Gil Littlefoot underneath.

Amanda arrived with the sheriff, angry and asked why he was the gnome. Gill told them that he had tried to frame Amanda for the gnome attacks by planting her earrings on the paralyzed victims and would get her money. Posing as the Gnome revealed his very small stature; he was actually smaller than his wife and wore stilts to make himself look much taller than he really was. Amanda said, "All this time you've been looking down on me, turns out I'm taller than you!"

Sheriff Bronson Stone took Gill to jail calling him "Littlefooty".[1]



The gnome

The Gnome costume in the online game.


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