Gnales Construction is a construction company owned by Rusty Gnales.

Physical appearance

Gnales Construction is a large construction yard. Surrounded by a tall wooden fence with a metal wire gate, the yard includes a large service department building, offices, storage silo, and a shed for construction supplies. The yard also stores construction equipment and a large propane tank. Over the office building, there are large advertising billboards for Max Minner and Jax Minner's insurance agencies.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

When Mystery Incorporated suspected Rusty Gnales of being responsible for the Humungonaut attacks, they went to Gnales Construction to search for any evidence that would implicate him. While searching, the Green Humungonaut attacked the construction yard and began destroying heavy equipment and construction materials. Fred saved Gnales from being injured by flying debris, but the Humungonaut caused extensive damage to the construction yard by sending a crane crashing down onto a large propane tank, which caused a massive explosion that Mystery Incorporated and Gnales barely escaped.


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