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The Gluten Demon was the disguise of Francilee Jackson.

Physical appearance

The Gluten Demon was a large, round, demonic anthropomorphic pig, hulking around as if it was a sumo wrestler. It had red skin, pointed ears with long horns, and a visible pair of sharp canines; akin to that of a wild boar's. It also has what seemed to be two black bands linked together on the chest with a flat skull and glowing yellow eyes.


The Gluten Demon is best described as hostile, gluttonously hedonistic, and all around self indulgent without regard for others. This parallels with Francilee's self-indulgence and her financial greed. The Gluten Demon displayed great pleasure in engorging food that it considered to be both delicious and unhealthful, baked breads and pepperoni pizza in particular. Conversely, it displayed fear and fled from Mystery Inc. and Cachinga when it was in the presence of a gluten-free lunch of quinoa salad with dill.

Powers and abilities

It appeared to be able to eat large amounts of gluten nonstop, and the costume stretched out as Francilee ate.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Francilee Jackson unmasked.

She used it to destroy all the restaurants in Crystal Cove so that there would be no competition when she opened hers.[1]


When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it created a ripple effect in the time space-continuum, which recreated Crystal Cove without the Evil Entity's negative influence, erasing Francilee's misdeeds as the Gluten Demon.[2]



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