Gill Littlefoot performed as court jester at the Crystal Cove Renaissance Fair.

Physical appearance

Gill is a thin and very short male, who concealed his unusually short legs using special stilts in his court jester costume for the Royal Knights Faire. His costume consisted of a white shirt, purple and white striped tights, purple boots and belt, and a purple jester's hat.


Gill Littlefoot was manipulative and arrogant, believing that he could run the Royal Knights Faire better than Lord Barry and Amanda Littlefoot. He was also highly secretive (or insecure) about his short legs, given that he concealed his true height with stilts.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Gill Littlefoot unmasked

Gill unmasked.

At the Royal Knights Faire, Gill Littlefoot was displeased that Lord Barry continued to antagonize attendees in historically inaccurate pirate costumes after being told to stop. His wife, Amanda, repeatedly hit him and scolded him for not deferring to her wishes to ban pirate consumes. Gil's concern about the Gnome attacks was also dismissed by Amanda, as she saw the elimination of pirates from the fair as a benefit. Gil later argued with Lord Barry about the pirates, asserting that all fair goers should be welcome and that Lord Barry almost bankrupted the fair by banning pirates. When Mystery Incorporated captured the Gnome, they discovered that Gil was responsible. He admitted that he wanted to implicate Amanda in the Gnome attacks so that he could get control of her fortune and become solely in charge of the fair. Upon Velma's observation that Gil was far too tall to be the Gnome, he revealed that his legs were abnormally short and he concealed them using special stilts; this gave him the perfect alibi and would help to frame Amanda, who was short enough to be the Gnome. Amanda repeatedly hit him with her scepter and got the last laugh by pointing out that she was ultimately taller than him. Sheriff Bronson Stone took Gill to jail, mocking his height by calling him "Littlefooty," "shimpo," and "baby legs."


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