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* Physical appearance; second episode clothing.
* History is incomplete.

Gibby Norton was lab partners with Velma Dinkley at a science camp and has done a lot of unwise things to impress her since.

Physical appearance

Gibby is a young, Caucasian male with a very slim build. He has short black hair, and semi-circle glasses. His outfit changes depending on his surroundings, from a green race driving outfit[1] to a cowboy get-up for the robotic boom-town.[2]


On every occasion, he's blindly become a criminal just to impress Velma, not thinking about the dangerous consequences he enacts because of it. He's always flirting with Velma, who gives him the cold shoulder every single time (she feels nothing but absolute repulse for him).


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Gibby is revealed as the culprit.

He entered in the Enduro-Slam 500, but didn't fare well, which was why he built a giant sandworm to scare off the competition and impress Velma, who was surprised and somewhat flattered.[1]

He lived in Huntersville for a while, working in the Hunter Computer Labs to help his cohorts Jack Hunter, Zeke Zillion, and Eve De La Faye in kidnapping the Simple Plan band, so they could replace them. They were all revealed to be terrible musicians before being sent to jail.[3]

Season three

Gibby in western attire.

In an attempt to gather ideas to design Gibbyland, a theme park he came up with to impress Velma. He meddled around in John Lawman's Ranch-House Lab at Cyber Gulch resort, leading to the reactivation of Cold Steel, a robot that is part of the resort who became out of control and evil.[2]



  • Gibby's voice actor, Eddie Deezen, also voices Mandark from the Cartoon Network series Dexter's Labratory; Gibby and Mandark are both young nerdy scientists who are madly in love with girls who aren't the least bit interested in them.
  • In every episode Gibby appears in, he is at least one of the suspects and culprits (mostly because Velma wants him to be).
  • Given that he was released from prison twice, his third jail sentence likely didn't last long (or perhaps he was sentenced to life imprisonment, since he no longer appears after that).