The giant bat was actually a truck driven by the gunslinger and Geronimo.

Physical appearance

The truck resembles an enormous blue and black bat -- it even has wings. The front windows resemble lime green sclera; they also stand-in as headlights.


Early life

It was known to travel back and forth through desert at night, twice. Spooky happenings such as this forced the 3 Stooges Ghost Town to close.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

On one of its trips, it was about to make a collision with the Mystery Machine. It didn't waver and caused the latter to crash into a sand dune.

The next time it was spotted, the mystery was piecing together, and Shaggy Rogers was ready to use Tyronosaurus Rex's (the mechanical tyrannosaurus rex) to drop a load of unearthed rock on top of the bat truck, trapping the drivers inside and thus, ending their uranium scam. Amos Crunch (the gunslinger) and Rhino (Geronimo) were using the bat truck to carry the uranium they were illegally mining in the desert.



  • It was clear from the beginning it was fake, as the engine could be heard running.
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