This article is about the fake ghosts. For the impersonated brothers, see Caleb Leland and Jed Leland.
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The Ghosts of the Leland Brothers were the disguises of Crawdad Mike and his bus driver, Union Jed and Rebel Caleb, who were opposing soldiers in the American Civil War.

Physical appearance

They have green skin, brown hair and glowing red eyes and one of them wears a uniform of a Union soldier while the other wore a uniform of a Confederate soldier with an eye patch.


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Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Hologram projection.
  • Wind manipulation: Via the holographic projection, it made it look like they could throw balls of wind.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Crawdad Mike and driver unmasked

Crawdad Mike (left) and his driver unmasked.

Crawdad Mike and his driver ran ghost tours in New Orleans. They were unmasked as the perpetrators behind the phony ghosts of Jed and Caleb Leland. They created the ghosts in two ways: as holograms projected from a tree in a graveyard when a pressure switch was triggered, and as actual disguises.



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