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—Ghost of Mrs. Shusham

The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham was the disguise of Bernice Binder, who based it on the real Mrs. Shusham, an old librarian who disappeared after the old Coolsville Library had closed down.

Physical appearance

The ghost was an old Caucasian female with long gray hair. Her head was long and skinny, and she had a long nose and chin. She wears glasses and has red eyes. She wore a long red dress.


She haunted the gang because Shaggy Rogers did not return a book.

Powers and abilities

She can float and fly around he room. Her "shush" can blow people across the room.


A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season four

Bernice Binder unmasked

Bernice Binder unmasked.

She appeared at the Scooby-Doo Detective Agency clubhouse where she told Shaggy that he must return Pizza Parrot and the Butterbean Bunnies before midnight.

She later chased the gang around the Coolsville Library until she was caught and unmasked to reveal Bernice Binder. She wanted to steal the book because of its rarity, so she tried to scare Shaggy into giving it to her.


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