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The Ghost of McBaggy Rogers was the disguise of Alex Anders, who came to the wedding of Maggie Rogers as the photographer.

Physical appearance

He looks like Shaggy Rogers except he's all white, with a set of long hair, a malevolent facial expression, and dressed as a pilgrim.


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The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show

Alex Anders unmasked

Alex Anders unmasked.

He impersonated the ghost of McBaggy Rogers in order to get the wedding ring, which inside it had a map to a "priceless" Indian treasure.



  • This is one of the very few monsters who could get even Scrappy-Doo to back down. When Scrappy challenged him to fight, he picked the pup up, growled very loud in his face and Scrappy ran off saying, " Okay. Let's not and say we did."
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